Hersonissos, the famous tourist resort is poised just 28 kilometers east of Heraklion. The distinctive features of the place are its beaches and calm sea that can rarely be seen in the northern part of Crete.


There is great number of various beaches in the neighborhood: sandy, pebble, rocky ones. However, one thing remains the same: a narrow coastline, plenty of shops, cafes and taverns.


The first beach that will be discovered next to Hersonissos is a large sandy narrow beach bustling with thousands of tourists. The close distance to the delights of the town is undeniable advantage of the area. Nevertheless, it is not a nice choice for those people who hate monotony.


Dozens of successive coves with fine sand that usually are located in front of the hotels can be found further to the east.


Silva Maris beach is famous for its highly developed infrastructure. And if you continue your trip further, you will notice the sands of Star beach where the most packed beaches in northern Crete are situated. If you walk a little to the east, the eastern beaches around Hersonissos (anatoliki) that are much calmer are waiting for you.


The geographic setting of the Coves of Hersonissos is east of Heraklion. They extend from Cape Sarandatis eastwards towards Hersonissos harbor. The beaches, sheltered from the wavers by the Cape, are notable for beautiful, breathtaking, mesmerizing views and tranquil waters. They are easily accessible and the surrounding areas are highly advanced. A livid busy town is in close proximity but if you prefer quiet evening strolls, you can sit in some bars relaxing while listening pleasant music.


Let us look at the beaches one after another starting from the West.


The westernmost beach represents a big sleek stone, where swimming is allowed. Cape Sarandatis is located westward, near the mountainous shoreline and picturesque St. George Cathedral. There is a ladder nearby, leading to a cliff, where you can easily recognize diving platforms. Snorkeling near the cliffs is an excellent choice.


A beautiful sandy beach with turquoise water is situated in the base of the peninsula of Sarantaris, just below the vertical limestone rocks. It is better protected from the waves (since a small peninsula shelters it from bad weather). This area is almost secluded because the access is rather difficult: you would need to walk along a very steep path.


There is the wonderful beach of Giofiri next to Sarantaris and sea front. Its main mark is the high wall that is situated directly above it. It has white sand, deeper waters and the sea bottom with several smooth stones. This place is rather popular with both residents and foreigners.


There are very small and narrow bays to the east of Goifiri along the coastal road. Coarse sand merges with white rocks there, giving sea water mesmerizing blue color. The same landscape continues to the place where the road changes its direction, perpendicular to the shore, to give way to the Creta Maris hotel. You can walk along the coast until you reach a vast and wide beach, which starts at the front of the hotel and ends at the Hersonissos. The beach is well equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, water sports, golf and beach volleyball. The coastal road appears again behind the hotel, shown, full of shops, cafes and restaurants.


Forget all your unresolved issues and lose yourself completely in the fresh sea breathing with the taste of salty spray.