Leisure activities in Hersonissos are often described as one big glamorous party. The most fashionable entertainment establishment is the Status Club. Fans of nightlife also enjoy clubs like Matrix, Amnezia, and Sallon Café with groovy modern music. Even middle-aged travelers will have the opportunity to enjoy their vacations: such clubs as Bio Bio and Camelot in the style of the disco-80’s work for them. Some disco bars are famous for free admission.


People who prefer to have fun in the water should visit the water parks. One of them, called Star Beach is located in the eastern part of Hersonissos. Visitors of all age categories will not be bored. There are excellent spa-center, dive center, several bars and a restaurant there. Every Sunday evening, when park attractions are closed, real madness begins. Popular DJs throw foam parties with contests for adults and body art.


Another park, known as Aqua Splash is located outside the city: you will see it from the Castelli road. Programs are always intensive and exciting in this water park.


There are as many stores in Hersonissos as night clubs. Once you regain strength after a rough night at the disco, you can go on an impromptu shopping tour.


There are few brand shops in Hersonissos, but the offered items are stylish and comfortable. For example, you can buy a fur coat there. They are presented in wide range of enterprise. The lucky owners of these fashionable things mark two main advantages of the goods: their high quality and reasonable prices.


It is interesting fact that in most stores the figures indicated on the price labels are overstated by 10-15 percents, which are successfully dumped in the bargaining process. Local sellers enjoy chatting not only on the topic of the price: they will willingly tell you about their customers, competitors and the uniqueness of their own selling spot.


Jewelry from Crete is enormously popular not only because of the uniqueness of the design solutions and the exclusivity of the style. The decisive factor for the customers who have decided to buy some piece of jewelry is relatively low price.


You will not have the necessity to look for a Jewelry store. Hersonissos is full of them. It can be compared with an expensive necklace that is set with precious gems. You can only bargain in the shops representing local jewelry. If the owner does not participate in the auction, the chance of getting a discount is significantly reduced. In some stores size of the product or buckle will be customized to suit your individual parameters in a couple of days.


The assortment of souvenirs is simply amazing. It can be both typical national knickknacks, and unique author’s handicrafts. Some tourists bring real Greek olive trees from Hersonissos. Pottery of national production, weaving products, paintings are in high demand.