Rules regulating visiting the excursions:

Your shoes should be low-heeled and comfortable

Headgear is obligatory

Use sunscreen

Always carry a bottle of water with you

While visiting monasteries, you should keep shoulders and knees covered

Where you are offered bathing, do not forget the beach accessories


Despite its rich history, there are no well-preserved architectural products of bygone eras in Hersonissos. Though there were Roman aqueducts, the remains of buildings and the Roman theater in the XIX century. However, after liberation from the Turks, the country was totally destroyed, and the government allowed residents to use elements of ancient buildings as a construction material.


Nowadays the only thing which is left of the Roman Theater is its foundation. It can be seen across from the supermarket “Khalkiadakis” behind the grating. A pyramidal fountain can be found on the sea front in the port that is left from the ruined antique villa.


There are a lot of historical attractions and places for entertainment in the vicinity of Hersonissos


During vacation in Hersonissos you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the prominent legendary palace of King Minos, situated only in 32 kilometers from the resort.


In the Minoan period, Knossos had more than 90,000 inhabitants. The royal palace was the most luxurious and largest on the island: it had more than 1,000 rooms, a ramified canalization composed of clay pipes of various diameters, a system of individual houses, halls, numerous warehouses and courtyards.


Museum of Cretan Life in the Open Air called “Lichnostatis”


It is situated in 500 meters from the outskirts of the city, if you move towards Malia. It represents a few small museums in one space, where you can observe the process of production of goods of various arts and crafts. There is leather and spinning workshop, a mill and a weaving machine there. The two-story house that had been built according to traditional Cretan technology is fully equipped: from floor rugs to woven and hand-embroidered curtains on the windows. Everything works; you can touch all the exhibits (this fact will make the excursion especially interesting for children).


Sea trips


You can start on a small exciting sea journey from the port of Hersonissos. Beautiful views, sea breeze, a glass of wine and fruits on board, swimming in the bay, a walk through the narrow streets are waiting for you there.


If you take this excursion closer to the evening, a sea voyage can be combined with a dinner in one of the taverns of Sissi.


Park Labyrinth


Labyrinth is located 4 kilometers from Hersonissos in the direction of Castelli town. It is a family park where the legendary myth about Theseus, who got to Minotaur, was reconstituted. There are many paths that intersect with stairs, air bridges and towers. The approximate time required for the passage of the labyrinth is 35 minutes. Organizers of tourist excursions advise not to forget the headdress for children and a bottle of water. There is a mini-farm with ponies for riding lessons, and a pottery where you can make any product yourself in the territory of the park.


Tours in Hersonissos first of all are recommended for young, active people. All conditions are created for them there. However, families with children and romantic couples will find the ways to diversify their vacations and make them memorable.